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Show on invoices when a PayPal subscription is currently active to prevent duplicate payments and subscriptions

  • Websavers shared this idea 6 months ago
  • Payments/Billing
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Here's the issue:

1. Customer orders service and pays with PayPal. Subscription is created for, say $99 / mo
2. Service renews for $99 and customer is provided invoice
3. Customer logs in and completes payment manually with PayPal, not remembering they already have it on subscription
4. PayPal sets up a second subscription and WHMCS stores *that* as the current subscription
5. Now every renewal results in two payments and the duplicate payment isn't even recorded by WHMCS because it only keeps track of the most recent subscription

This is really a bug, but I suspect WHMCS staff would call it a feature request, so here we are.

WHMCS should not allow customers to complete manual payment on an invoice where an existing subscription is active OR a very large notice should be on the invoice indicating that it will be automatically paid by the active subscription and the date that will occur.


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Hi there,
The PayPal Checkout module, introduced in 7.9 has precisely this Duplicate Subscription Prevention functionality. Please see our feature highlight blog for the details:

More recently, in 8.9 we introduced the PayPal Payments module which supports vaulting of PayPal accounts which can be charged on-demand, eliminating the need for subscriptions entirely:

The original PayPal Basic module is now deprecated so will not be receiving feature updates.
Thanks! We switched to it a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed it does the trick!