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Send notification to keep domain whois information up to date

  • Haavard D. shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Domains
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Would be nice if the system can send a whois reminder to the domain holder on domains with a registrar module to remind the clients to keep their domain information up to date. Also including an output of the current registered information would be nice.

Today there is only option to send renewal notice, this whois reminder should be added in the same way with an email template and an automation setting (days before/after next due date).


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Hi Haavard,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Generally I would expect the responsibility for sending the whois reminder emails to fall to the registrar directory, rather than you as the reseller. Such reminders typically cannot be opted-out, for example:

I'd be interested to learn more about your registrar, which allows for the delegation of such responsibility?
We register .no domain names, and Norid does not send any notification to keep contact information up to date. So in such case it would be nice to have the possibility in WHMCS to do so. As I suggested this function should be "connected" to one or several domain registrar modules, and might be set as disabled for all as default. In such case we can activate the function only for the registrars we like or need it for.