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Registrant/Administrative/Technical Contact during the order

I propose to add the fields:
- Registrant Contact

- Administrative Contact

- Technical Contact

Because during the order the customer can decide only the accountholder.


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This is such a basic feature that all large registrars can do; however, after 7 years, WHMCS still hasn't been implemented.

We have a number of resellers that would love the ability to set the Tech and Billing contacts as per their requirements and not have to change them after the fact.

I would recommend that WHMCS ensure this feature is available to the AddOrder and DomainRegister API calls.
Please make it asap.
Also from admin panel those info should be visible on domain details page
As mentioned by @Acidburns I also use "3rd world countries" registrar and this option is important.
Please take this into consideration.
This is so useful for "3rd world countries" who use EPP / Fred client for domain registration.

Please make it asap.
any news about that?
Agreed, this should really already be in... INCLUDE IT PLEASE WHMCS
Currently, when a customer is registering a domain name, the system ask poorly for the contact details, ("Domain Registrant Information"), will be better if this information is asked in the same screen as the "additionaldomainfields" and with a more flexible process with better options to define the different sections that are displayed in the whois of a domain (owner, admin and tech), allowing different values for each contact.
Also, is a big issue when a customer want to register 2 domains with different owner, because the system only asks 1 time the "Domain Registrant Information". The only option to fix this is to create 2 different orders, each order with different domain owner/registrant. This is not intuitive and we have a lot of cases with this issues.
Depending the extension, the registry ask for legal documentation in order to modify the registrant/owner of a domain. I can understand a furious customer when he need made a legal procedure just because he has decided to register 2 or more domains in the same order...

1- More flexible options to configure contacts (owner/admin/tech)
2- Allow in the same order multiple domains, each one with different contacts

OVH is a company that has a very good domain order process. Will be very good something similar.