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Put credit card billing address on same page as credit card number

  • tdub shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing
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The way WHMCS separates out credit card number and billing information is a usability headache and creates a lot of problems for me and my customers.

Customers don't often realize that their credit card number is tied to their profile information, which resides on a separate page. So when they go to update their credit card they don't often check to confirm the address still matches the card. Then when the card process, it fails Address Verification at the gateway and the transaction is declined. They don't realize that has happened until they get a late notice and then contact me upset that they just updated their card and can't understand why it was declined.

This creates a headache for me because the card may be good, but I haven't been paid on time and may be a while before the problem is realized by the customer and fixed. It creates a headache when I have to answer an angry customer's email about why their transaction failed. And it creates a headache for the customer who has to contact me to fix the problem, IF they ever do. Otherwise "I" have to make the call and waste time trying to track down payments that I shouldn't have to. It also runs the risk the customer gets fed up, never pays, and leaves because of the "problems" with my accepting payment.

The way WHMCS does things now breaks the well-established paradigm of putting the credit card and billing information on the same page. Honestly, I see no good reason why the information should be separated out as it currently is and why we should confuse the customer with the current way of doing things. At the very least, I implore that you give us a Settings option to display billing address on the credit card update page if we prefer. This way the customer ALWAYS knows what address that credit card number is pulling from and there is NO confusion at all.

Thank you very, very much for hearing me out. Again, this is becoming a major problem for me on a number of fronts and I feel it should be a simple thing to fix.