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Product Recommendations at Checkout

As a Product Provider, I would like the ability to enable a "Product Recommendation" at checkout. Where for example, if a client purchases a hosting account - a notification for related/recommended products also pops up. ie:

Clients who purchased $PRODUCTNAME, have also purchased $RECOMMENDEDPRODUCT

This would help in the up-sale at checkout.


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Thank you for the request and discussion. We have some questions for further discussion:

1. Is this something you would expect to configure on a per product basis?
2. How would you want the upsells to be presented? How many should be displayed?
3. Should the order flow be the same as normal or customised in some way?
4. Is the scenario that a recommendation may not be valid because another product of the same type was purchased a concern? If it is, how do you suggest this is handled? For example your recommendation is to buy RapidSSL and the user buys a GeoTrust EV Certificate.
5. These product recommendations should only be displayed post checkout?

Would also love this, so you can recommend support options on certain products or, as has been pointed out already, an SSL cert on hosting.
Currently, WHMCS support this for Market Connect. But it would be great if this is implemented for all existing products. Like someone wanted to upsell a Custom Web Design with a Hosting or Domain Purchase.
Im still all for this after 2 years!
I hear what you're saying but in my case it is not to really "up-sell"
the customer but to recommend what he may need in addition too. For
example; he may buy web hosting for ecommerce and doesnt realize he
should have an SSL cert. He would then have to "continue shopping"
instead of checkout...

You could as you have said send him to a
page with an upsell after checkout but this function doesnt seem as
viable.. For example; when you add a product to cart and goto checkout
at godaddy they first have a page that shows you a ton of other items to
add before checking out..Considering they are the top of what they do I
would assume they have realized that pre-cart checkout is really the
way to upsell with targeted recommendations.
This is best done AFTER the sell. Reason being, I have seen tracking reports on those that upsell AFTER the original sell versus before checkout.

The conversion rate is much better upselling to the client after the sell, first you are not distracting the client with other offers, which increases the chances of shopping cart abandonment, as you are making the checkout process as simple, clean as possible.

Now right after the checkout process and client has payed take them to a page for an up sell. 1) They have shown they will purchase from you, their card is out ready to purchase again. This has shown positive in results already. That is the type of up sell I would want with WHMCS.
I like it, but I would prefer more control such as; Customer buys an umbrella and I want it setup so I can suggest he buy a rain coat also.

ALSO, a multi step checkout. Step 1 -> choose domain, step 2 -> choose hosting package and quantity. (my products differ from hosting how ever so the default setup doesnt work)
What do you think of this request?