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PayPal non-subscription setting in new module

  • Mark Krieger shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

The old PayPal module allowed to disable subscriptions and to only allow PayPal for one-off payments.
I would like to see this feature in the new PayPal module as well so we can switch to the new module since we don't want to deal with PayPal subscriptions. We have credit cards for that.


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Do we have to vote and ask for an essential future they may generate thousands of dollars of loses to hosting businesses . Such future must get delivered immediately with highest priority and solved within couple of days not months or years.
We are currently using whmcs, and the payment method is Paypal. It is not Paypal Basic, but our users hope that Paypal does not generate automatic payment subscriptions when paying by default.
I would like to see the new module being able to disable subscription payments, as with the old module.
We have often had the case that customers created a subscription when ordering and forgot it on the next invoice 1 year later and then paid the invoice amount by bank transfer. By the PayPal subscription payment it came so to double payments and stress with the customers.
Therefore we do not offer subscription payments anymore and hope that this will be considered in the new module soon.
The decision if we want to offer subscription payments or not should be up to us and not WHMCS.
What about one time payments?
Does it also create a PayPal subscription?
Is there a need to have such a subscription when this is a One Time fee?
I'm not sure about the details of implementation in the current version but I can highlight an issue we had with the older module that supported subscriptions. Our WHMCS setup has 4 currencies enabled, 2 of them with quite unstable rates. Whenever the subscription was created, it was set to a currency or one of the currencies of our PayPal account. But if the currency rate was changed between the recurring charges, the final amount credited in the invoice currency could differ from what is expected. We had an issue when we had a lot of invoices marked as unpaid because they were lacking amounts equal to 0.01-0.02 eur. So yeah, I also believe that subscription should be optional.
Here's another reason.

On a single order a customer orders hosting for a one year at a time (because that is all I offer) but they register their domain for 5 years at a time. How do subscriptions handle that?

Beyond that, it is not PayPal or WHMCS's place to tell us how to run our business. If we choose to not have subscriptions, why suddenly force us into that model?
The main reason is that when I looked last into it when changes were made to the fees or services cancelled PayPal subscriptions were not changed automatically and people had to go in to their accounts and cancel subscriptions.
We have customers who have monthly and quarterly services for example and on credit cards they are just being charged whatever it is on that date and if there were additional one-off services billed they can all be charged by the system automatically whenever the due dates are while from my understanding back then that was more complicated with PayPal since it required customers actions.
If PayPal can be operated/charged the same way that credit cards can then that's OK, but as long as that is not the case I don't even want to give customers the impression that we can auto-charge services to their PayPal accounts because then they need to remember what is being automatically charged and what they have to pay manually.
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your suggestion.
We know that one of the pain points of PayPal subscriptions was clients accidentally creating new subscriptions when they had one already. The new PayPal module contains measures to prevent this.
Can you help us understand the other reasons you don't want to offer PayPal subscriptions?
Creating subscriptions with PayPal is a real pain or our staff and our clients and we really need a solutions.

If we change prices for annual services, subscriptions are not updated to new prices as the WHMCS PayPal module creates fixed plans. The PayPal API would allow this, but WHMCS does not use this and the support even rejects to implement this or even taking a deeper look on this issue.

Second, if a client requests a cancellation of the services, the PayPal subscription is NOT cancelled. This leads to zombie payments.

All this behavior is far away from "Web Hosting Automation Made Easy"

Thanks for considering this.

Hey John, you had mentioned "The new PayPal module contains measures to prevent this." -- what are those measures? Our clients seem to do this all the time and we're using the 'new' PayPal module...
@Websavers The PayPal payment button is hidden from the client area invoice when a Subscription ID is present for all the services on an invoice.