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Option to automatically change all invoices and services to default payment method

  • John DeJac shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

As an admin manually placing orderfor clients, it would be beneficial if the default payment method settings for WHMCS services were expanded upon and adjusted.

My WHMCS installation does not currently allow for self-serve purchasing of my services. I manually set up an order for each client with their specific services.

When setting up a new client order, I'm requiredto choose a payment method for my client which causes issues, as I do not know which payment method they are going to choose to pay an invoice. I usually just leave as "default", which uses the first payment gateway specified in the backend of my installation (ACH in my case).

When a client logs into their account to add a payment method and pay their invoice, many of them paying using a different payment gateway such as Credit Card. This is causing an error email to be sent to them daily after their next month's due date stating "direct debit payment failed" for the invoice, even though they've already added a different credit card payment method and paid the previous invoice.

When the client adds CC info to pay an invoice, it only works for that month, and the next month they have to manually log in again to repay what's supposed to be an auto-recurring invoice because the system is still trying to charge ACH info and does not recognize that they've added a different payment method. There needs to be a SIMPLE setting that recognizes this and changes all their services accordingly to their default payment method, or at least gives a customize option to customize this by the client if needed.

This causes a HUGE frustration for me and my clients when their invoices have to be manually repaid every month because the system won't recognize their new default payment method as different than the one initially specified in the order.


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This would be very nice to have. Similarly the option to specify that a service use the default payment method, rather than having both a client-wide and a service-level setting would be handy.
this is also a big problem when a customer's card expires and they add a new card or switch to another payment method.
All the products and services continue trying to charge the old expired card every month.
This results in overdue notices, which the client ignores as they know they added a new payment method so they think everything is fine.
This eventually leads to service suspension threats.

Customers have no idea they have to set a new default payment method or that this only applies to new orders and not existing ones.

This needs a total overhaul as this constantly causes problems, not just for us, but every company that uses WHMCS has this issue.
I have the same problem with all my suppliers who use WHMCS.

When a customer adds a new payment method, they need to be prompted if they want to make it the default payment method and if they want to use it for existing products/services.

There also needs to be an option that they can delete any other existing payment methods as long as they have a default one setup.
I.E. they cannot delete the only payment method.