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Module in WHMCS which transliterate diacritics from the customer's data a only for this customer without the rest of the environment

I have a problem with so called transliteration of diacritical characters to ASCII symbols. The built-in module in WHMCS unfortunately does not only change characters for domains during registration - it also messes up characters in the whole system.

I'm mainly concerned with domain registration in the ResellerClub system.

I need this kind of functionality:

- an order for a domain e.g. com comes in;
- the customer pays for the order;
- WHMCS detects this and starts the registration procedure. At this point, the module should transliterate diacritics from the customer's data and send a request to RC. The change should apply only to the customer data without the rest of the environment.
- After successful registration the module detects this and corrects the domain status accordingly;

Currently, to be able to register a domain in RC I have to globally enable transliteration of diacritical marks for the whole WHMCS environment. This is not how it should work. It would be good to add some kind of feature like above :-)

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