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Invoices for affiliate commissions when paid

  • Nick van der Mee shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Payments/Billing
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We would really like the option that once we/an admin or client itself chooses to pay out their earned commissions that this automatically generates an invoice for the paid out amount and that this is send to the client and is visible for us in the invoices as well.
We need invoices for bookkeeping and so do some of the business clients so this would be awesome.


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Hi Nick,
Thanks for taking the time to make this suggestion.

Can you help us understand what form this invoice might take? As I understand it, an invoice is issued when receiving money from clients, rather than paying it out to them?
Correct. an invoice is generated when for example customer A places an order.
but in this order customer B was the affiliate.
After a while (or minimum amount) customer B asks us to pay out the affiliate balance, but there is no invoice being generated for this.
So we pay the amount via our bank account but customer B then has to make an inovice himself for this amount and we then have to add this to our bookkeeping.
If paying out this balance automatically generates an invoice the above is much easier and a lot less work.

Another example: a customer that receives affiliate commission is another person, they can not make an invoice, so we have to make a creditinvoice ourselves to get the bookkeeping correct.
Thank you.
and by another person i mean not a business (so they have no option or knowledge to make an invoice).