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Re-generate invoice on product/service billing frequency change

  • Peter Brezny shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Payments/Billing
  • 1 Comment

When a product/service's billing frequency is changed, say from monthly to quarterly, etc...the system doesn't always auto create invoices at the new interval (or at all).

Please fix this.


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Hi Peter,
Thanks for making this suggestion.

At present if an invoice has already been generated for this service on the current Next Due Date, a second invoice would not be created. If you need to generate a new invoice, I suggest moving the Next Due Date back by 1 day.

This will allow the system to generate a new invoice with the new service Recurring Amount and Billing Cycle:
Thanks John,

We've experienced new invoices no longer being created after changing the frequency of a recurring product/service.

You've got to delete the original product/service and re-create it with the new frequency (monthly/quarterly/annually, etc...).
Hi Peter,
It is not necessary to delete the service and re-create it, just move the Next Due Date to an uninvoiced date for the service.