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Invoice generation for domain renewal due date must be domain expiry date

  • Marius Greeff shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Domains
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It would be good that when a customer renew's their domain that the invoice that is generated's due date is the same as the domain expiry date.

As this is causing problem for my customers as they make payment on invoice due date, by that time the domain has expired already and is in the grace period.


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Hi Marius,
Thanks for your suggestion.
The Next Due Date on a domain record should be equal to or less than the domain Expiry Date value (depending upon your Domain Settings).

Can you please provide some more insight into the situations you're encountering where the Next Due Date is after the Expiry Date,and how that's occurring?

When the customer renews the domain 7 Days before the expiry, the invoice due date (normally the day their accounts department makes payment) is 15 Days from invoice generation. By that time the domain has already expired and is in grace period.

As you can see this causes issues with some of our corporate customers that has strict payment schedules they follow