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Insert wildcard in TLD definitions

Many TLDs have a great number of second-level domains, that can be independently registered.

- for .it domains, every geographical region and every city is available as an available second-level romain: ,,, and so on... thousands of them!
- for .name domains, almost every common surname is available as second level: i.e. , so you can register ... here too, thousands of them
- .cn has its own geographical second level domains
... and so on...
Currently, to manage them in WHMCS you need to:
- insert price for every different single second level domain (while commonly they have all he same price)
- duplicate custom fields for every single subdomain
- duplicate whois definition for every single subdomain

Fix: allow to define a domain with wildcard; so, i.e., if a user defines the TLD *.it, those definitions will be applied to any second, third, fourth level available
(It's not an issue about availability check: registrar's whois server are able to right manage any kind of request of this kind).

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