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Add Direct Debit Invoice Created Email Template

We recently started using the GoCardless gateway and I noticed that WHMCS uses the credit card e-mail template to send out e-mails.
Ours says that the charge will be automatically withdrawn from their credit card on the due date. Which of course is wrong since it will be withdrawn from their bank account a few days later.
We would like separate e-mail templates for GoCardless transactions.
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I second this request, but for Stripe ACH too. I'm assuming all of the ACH gateways can be grouped together into an ACH category, similar to how the credit card gateways trigger the credit card templates.

One quick addition that I noticed, at least with Stripe ACH. Clients with no active bank account on file will receive the "Credit Card Payment Due" email template even though it's an ACH payment and not credit card.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.

WHMCS currently sends the "Invoice Created" email template when GoCardless is the assigned payment gateway. The default text for this invites users to login to their client area to pay the invoice. With an existing GoCardless mandate, users will see an info box on the invoice page that payment will be taken automatically.

Before the invoice due date, the "Invoice Payment Reminder" email template is sent.

When the payment capture is attempted, the "Direct Debit Payment Pending" template is sent, if it fails the "Direct Debit Payment Failed" email is sent.
When the payment is completed the "Direct Debit Payment Confirmation" template is sent.

As an immediate solution, the text of invoice email templates can be customised based upon the payment gateway eg:

{if $invoice_payment_method='gocardless'}
GoCardless payment instructions here
Regular payment instructions here

I hope that's helpful!
Thank you for detailed information.
I actually just noticed that while it also uses the "Credit Card Payment Due" template, it does use the "Invoice Payment Confirmation" and not the "Credit Card Payment Confirmation" template.
So maybe creating a "Direct Debit Invoice Created" template and moving all GoCardless e-mails to Direct Debit e-mails?

In the long term it would probably be great to be able to assign certain templates (also custom) to certain events on certain payment gateways so one can customize as necessary and just select which template the system should use if event X triggers with payment gateway Y.