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eNom DNSSEC Management

eNom supports DNSSEC entries via API calls or manual submission.

Adding the API call configurations for DNSSEC management (add, get & delete) will enhance the domain register module & further add to the appeal of eNom as a domain registrar for WHMCS users.

Document Links:

The api call additions could be later altered for integration into cPanel DNSSEC record requests in conjuction with DNSSEC clusters.


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Yes, it would be great if it is added as soon as possible.
I think you are right W0ktr0n...
This might help for now:

Waiting for this to be implemented in WHMCS may be a futile exercise.
Agree, it'd be nice to have support for this for my customers. Had one today who did not realize they had DNSSEC on at the old host+registrar and it took some digging it figure out how to remove the DS records for their domain.
This should not be hard to implement, given it works with eNom's API. Please consider adding this.
eNom does provide this API
At eNom you would need to submit a support ticket, because the mentioned "manual" option is only available to the support representative, not to clients in their web GUI. So for domain sales and DNS validation to run smoothly, the least would be when this "manual" option becomes available to the administrator in WHMCS. My hosting control panel and DNS manager generates the key. This means that for a module developer there should exist a way (API) to set the DNSSEC record for a domain at the registrar.