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Draft invoice create for selected products

Hello, we are current customers of WHMCS and I would like to request a feature. It's causing us quite a bit of grief when we have to manually invoice customers.

* I search for a customer in the global search.
* In the customer summary tab, I put checkmarks into Products/Services table, for products that I want invoiced.
* Scroll down and click "Invoice Selected Items" button.

This creates an invoice and immediately notifies the client by email and runs the card on file. But the problem is that we have variable charges each month for some line items, so when we run this workflow, we need to create a Draft invoice which does _not_ notify the client until we take it of out "Draft" status.

My recommendation is that along with "invoice selected items" we should have a "create draft invoice for selected items".

Please let me know how to submit this as a feature request.

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