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Domain registration without name servers

Some TLD’s have rules to refund money for a domain within a certain time frame but only if the domain is not listed in the DNS. It would be good if you can alter whmcs so that domains can be registered even without entering name servers. At this time, it is mandatory to enter at least two server names when registering a domain via whmcs.


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The registrar is our national TLD's ( .si )who does not require name servers. If we use name servers at registration time by the roules that is considered as domain actiavtion and therefore domain owner can not return/delete domain name and get mony back for the domain. By the roules in our country anyone can return domain and get refound if he decide so in 30 days but in that time domain must not use any name server eaven not fake one or name servers where domain is not hosting... basically it must be just registered with no name servers so applay for refound.
Regards, Erik
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I'd be interested to learn more about which registrar offers this ability, as in our experience the nameserver field is required by most registrar's APIs, eg: