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Domain pricing if registered for multiple years

  • S K Sharma shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Domains


Is it possible to reduce the 1st year registration price if the domain is registered for 2 or more years.
For example, if a .com domain costs $10/year and someone registers it for 2 years, then, the 1st year price can be reduced to $5 and the 2nd year price will continue to be $10.
Some of the registrars like godaddy are doing this.


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I guess this is something different which Sharma Trying to say , highlighting discounted 1st years on multi-year registration/renewals could be useful.

Lets say, they will get the domain for Rs.99 (Only for the first year with a 2 year registration )

So In the cart , It should look something like this :
Total :Rs .1,099.00
1st year Rs.99.00
2+ years Rs. 1,000.00
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
At present you could set the 1 year register price to $10, and the 2 year price to $15.
In this way the customer has saved $5 by registering for 2 years.

Would this meet your requirements?