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Domain Addons

  • Anonymous shared this idea 11 years ago
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Right now it doesn't look like there are configurable options or add-ons that we can specify for domains? It looks like I have to create separate products, make them require a domain, and add validation to that domain as a custom field. This is okay I guess, but I would rather have it part of the domain process.

For example I have domain related services that I offer, I would rather just make it a checkbox during the domain register, transfer, etc. process that I can offer for free or charge money for.

This would be a great feature, not requiring separate products but allowing domain addons aside from what is offered from the reseller's that I would be responsible for and aren't automated by enom and etc.

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    configurable options should be enabled in domain registration
    There is ony 3 addon option available in domain registration.As product management configurable options and custom fields should be enabled for domains too.


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Ideally, we should be able to suggest the clients with various "low value" solutions such as a SSL certificate when they buy a domain.

Case scenario: Client visits website to buy a domain because it's cheap. He finds the desired domain and when he adds it to the cart, he is also presented with the option to buy a SSL certificate and Website Security. Although he has a hosting plan elsewhere, he buys both addons/recommendations because he finds them cheap. So, instead of just selling 1 service, we sold 3 services and we have the opportunity to bring the customer in by convincing him that our hosting plans are better.
Case scenario vs now: Now, on V8.8, client will add the domain on his cart and will not see any other services being recommended to him. So we end selling only a domain and nothing more.
I think it's time to thinki about implementing this feature. It would be great if we will be able to set an addon as required ou force it to be checked.
so ca we add trustee services for domain extensions?
These options are now avaiable in 7.7
Hi! where is this option located? Eg. to add-on dns hosting service for domain registration.
I've been looking for this feature in 7.7 also. Where is it located?
Even I could not find this feature for creating Addons for domains. in the latest version. (30th June 2020)
6 years and 40 likes, and still not implented ?
6 votes per year is unfortunately not enough to bring this to the top of our priorities list. But please do keep voting and commenting! If interest in this feature increases then we can look again.
This would be great as it would allow us to add DNS services to the domain registration.
Any news about this?Very important for me to manage "local presence services".
Please implement this feature. I have certain services that I charge per-site, and it would make it so much easier for the clients to be able to just tick a box during domain sales.
UP ! We need to have the ability to provide additionnal services like multi-location name servers with the domain.
4 years, let me give this a bump...
Important feature - especially if you want to offer a "domain proxy service" for domain names that require a local presence (when client is from abroad)...
Any news about this?
Very important for me
This is important !! for people to sell domain only
For us this feature would be great. Right now we kind of hack the 'DNS Management' and 'Mail Forwarding' options to allow a customer to add some extra (paying) services to his registered domain. Customizable domain name extra's would be great!
Some VERY big issue (for us) that such an add-on to domain registrations would solve is this:
We have many non-European customers that want to register European TLDs such as .fr and others with various local registration conditions. We can offer them a "trustee" service, but for a fee, sometimes a relative high fee. If we could associate an add-on to registrations, then, in this example, an American customer could add "trustee service" to his .fr domain registration, and we could automatically provide that. OTHERWISE he (as it still is) cannot order a .fr domain, or only as a custom order with manual setup (a lot of back-and-forth, a lot of work).

Please get this added to the system. Very important.