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Do not delete invoices even after expire or redemption

I would consider seriously to find a more permanent solution to not delete invoices but set a pointer active or inactive invoice. You should have all historical data on the DB.

In my experience with other billing systems, they just mark it deleted but it is in the database, exist still the info. And this is my preferred way to be done.


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@Haavard D,

This is not only required by law in Norway but in the Netherlands (and the entire EU) as well and part of IFRS standards of accounting rules and bookkeeping. The way WHMCS is handling credit invoices and/or changing invoices without notice or even removing invoice lines is not compliant to EU regulations. WHMCS should therefore not be used for invoicing unless this behaviour changes.
My suggestion in general is do not delete at all an invoice. In EU it is iliegal to be deleted or to chaneg one invoice. So best way i see it, is give option if on EU system never delete an invoice or line. Have the extra option to credit the whole or part of the invoice. Not oly for domains but for all products. If for long time one invocie is unpayed, can change status to cutoff. That means all other products stop or notify cuwstomer will be stopped if the invoice is not be paid.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion. At present domain renewal invoices will be cancelled once a domain expires. A domain renewal invoice won't be deleted entirely:

However if an invoice contains other line items besides expired domain, we need to delete the expired items from the invoice so the other items can still be paid.

Is it this latter behaviour you'd like to change?
Hello John,

In Norway it is not allowed to change or delete times on a generated invoice.
So the suggestion is to add an option to the settings of WHMCS to not delete invoice items containing renewals.
Even if the domain is not renewed and the status is set to expire, the invoice can not be changed. According to the Law we have to create a credit invoice (negative) to cancel a invoice or to part-credit the invoice.

- Haavard