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Currencies As Radio Instead Of Drop-down

The way the currencies are displayed in WHMCS is not intuitive.

The display format ought to change from the current drop-down list to radio ( ).

If a customer clicks on an external page that links to the billing system, starts going through the check-out process, the other currencies should be visible and not hidden.

Potential customers tend to act like sharks, don’t have time for small talk and when a page layout forces them to break the flow, you simply lose them.

Most folks are more concerned about the cost of the product/service and may not even look at the Currency option drop-down.

If you are a WHMCS user and think that this idea merits attention, please upvote it so that the WHMCS Dev team can re-think this.



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Hi Jazia ,
Thanks for your suggestion. Could you share some examples or screenshots of sites that currently implement this kind of currency selector?
I also think that the WHMCS dev team can glean some ideas from
Thanks, John.

I have mocked up an example but it is far from what a gifted website designer can do.

You can find it at

Even an auto currency switcher based on a browser locale or IP address will go a long way in achieving the same result.

Once again thanks.

P.S: Please could you delete the first one? Saw the "reply" button after posting.
Hi Jazia,
Thanks for providing that mockup.
That doesn't seem too similar from the current interface in the twenty-one theme if one clicks the language/currency flag in the footer:
The Twenty-One theme is in every way a huge improvement over the staid ol' Six and frankly, we are likely to use it as our core UI instead of paying for custom templates.

Having said that, the Currencies are still hidden.

Perhaps it might be good to consider having it there as it is now and also on a line below the Total Amount

Thank you.