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CSV Import Utility for third party imports.

It would be great if we could have some generic import scripts for new customers / those migrating from other platforms for which a specific set of import tools doesn't already exist (Parallels' stable of billing panels for one).

If we can have a set of tools which are supported and import from a "known format" into the WHMCS system that would be great (ie bulk import tools I guess)

The ability to import clients, transactions, domains, services, etc all from csv (that way we just get the Excel / XML / etc data which we know and then don't have to mess around potentially breaking whmcs's databases importing it by hand.

Similar I guess to the way we import from a relatively known format into Sage, SugarCRM or any other database backed tool .... csv file in, agree some mappings (or as previously noted, a "known format" goes in) and the back end whmcs is updated.

Whether we're importing 5,000 domains, 500 customers or 50,000 subscriptions from "another system" ... it would be great if we didn't have to reverse engineer the whmcs database to do it.

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    Add ability to import pricing via CSV
    Pretty self explanatory. Starting a new company and have hundreds of products to add and for each of those, i'm offering monthly, quarterly and annual payment options. I have the pricing in Excel and would love to be able to import it all by converting it to a CSV file.
    CSV Import Utility
    Hi,Please add a CSV Import Utility that will be used to import accounts (customers) + products + new orders.Any way - having a way to use CSV to import accounts and other basic information to WHMCS is very needed.Regards,Ram


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This is actually a feature that is stopping some people from moving to WHMCS and I know this as I have a business acquaintance who is waiting to move to WHMCS but can't until all their clients can be migrated across.

I really hope this one is developed!
maybe this will help?
no idea why this has been missing for so long - a text import utility should be available for
1. clients
2. product/services
3. domains
4. payments