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CSV Import Utility

Please add a CSV Import Utility that will be used to import accounts (customers) + products + new orders.

Any way - having a way to use CSV to import accounts and other basic information to WHMCS is very needed.



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Hi Jon, WHMCS, any movement on this?
+1 Would be nice to have the option to import products/services and customers into WHMCS using a CSV file (like woocommerce)
This feature would be much appreciated. We have a few hundred clients we are setting up in WHMCS and doing manually is very time consuming. It would be great to have a csv to upload/upload existing customers.
This would be a very very helpful service as we are currently trying to load 50-100 new products and services and need to be able to do the on 2 sites.

Loading one product/service at a time will take very long even if you do use the duplicate service.

A very easy method used on woocommerce is just using their blank product csv or exporting a current list of products and then able to update and import new products .

This will also help with updating existing products where as you have 100+ products and need to update pricing you can use the csv import to update products on a mass scale .

Please see link as reference for easy import/export of existing products and adding new products.
Let's say I'm using an autoresponder system or maybe google forms or facebook form to get new customers leads and information. I can also offer such customers a trial product etc.

Now that I have the customer information I want to add them to WHMCS (i.e. open a new account for each one) and to also add the relevant trial product etc.

This could also work when getting a list of clients and products from an affiliate that "sold" the product and converted the customer - without using the limited affiliate system of WHMCS.

CSV is a very common file format and usually any program can export and import information using such a file.

Hi Ram,
Thanks for taking the time to submit your suggestion.

I'd be interested to hear how often an operating business has the need to import data from a CSV file. What is the scenario surrounding that?