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Control Products/Services Groupings on Invoices

  • Karl Stallknecht shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing
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I would love to see a way to control which products/services get grouped on which invoice when the customer has multiple services all due on the same date. Here is a use case scenario:

We have a client that has about 10 services that need to be split into about 5 different invoices. They would like SOME of the services on separate invoices. For example:

Invoice 1:
- Service A
- Service B

Invoice 2:
- Service C

Invoice 3:
- Service D
- Service E
- Service F


We know that there is a way to make all services be split into separate invoices on their account, but they don't want a separate invoice for each service...they just want some services grouped on one invoice, and some services grouped on the other, and so forth.

Currently the only way we could figure out how to do this is to group the renewal/due dates so that the services that should be invoiced together all have the same date, but this means that the customer gets invoices spread out over 5 days (one day for each service due date) rather than just getting all of the invoices on the same date like they want.


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Hi Karl,
Thanks for your suggestion.

What would the ideal interface for this look like for you?
Are there any accounting packages which offer this kind of functionality we could use as inspiration?
Hi John,

Thanks for your response. The first thing that comes to mind is an option to put products/services into "invoice groups" that would show up on the product/service you've selected. You could create the invoice groups on the client's profile. So if you were to open a product/service, somewhere on it you would see a list of invoice groups that would be unique per client based on the ones you added on the profile. Then you could select from a dropdown or radio button which invoice group that product/service should be put into.

Ubersmith allows for this functionality the last I checked but I can't recall how they accomplish it.