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Continuous Invoice Generation for Suspended Orders

When WHMCS is turned on continues to generate invoices for orders that are in a Suspended state.

We suspend orders when we know the customer is no longer going to pay, or in case there has been a dispute, but dont want to terminate the hosting account yet. An invoice being sent to the client when we've marked an order as Suspended, is a major inconvenience.

An invoice should NOT generate automatically if the service is suspended. This should only happen when the order status = active.


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Hi Vikas Nangia,

We paid WHMCS to add this functionality probably 10 years ago. I asked them to add options below the continuous invoicing option to select what service statuses it would apply too, they never did..

Here's documentation I created showing how to do this.
We're migrating from a system that works that way so it would be very useful for us also.

@Nangia Your wanting to have continuous invoice generation enabled but only for active services?
Hi there,
Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestion.
At present services in Active, Pending and Suspended services are all considered for invoice generation:
Setting the service to Cancelled or Terminated would prevent further invoice generation.