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Use contact information for additional domain fields

  • Andrei Chira shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Domains
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We have a problem, when a client registers a domain he can choose registrant type, registration number, and fiscal code.
These infos can be set to something different than the info present on the client account, for example, the client account is a company, but when registering, the client chooses "Individual person" and puts his own fiscal code, leading to the domain being registered in his own name, not the company's name.

In case of .ro domains, the registrant info cannot be modified afterwards. This leads to some legal issues, employees registering domains in their own name, but client account is a company, so company pays the invoice.
Employee leaves company later with domain being registered on his own name, company threatens to sue us for allowing this to happen.


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Hi Andrei,
Thanks for this suggestion.

What would be the ideal solution to this problem for you?
My ideal solution would be to skip the step /cart.php?a=confdomains. It works anyway when you click Continue without entering any info.