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Colo/Dedicated Server Management Addon

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While WHMCS does in fact allow us to manage the sale and
billing for Dedicated Servers, we do not have the ability to actually
manage them from within our billing platform. This would be ideal for
allowing us to have a single point of access for Client, Tickets, and
Inventory management. Some of the below entries are suggestions for
overall functionality:

Asset tracking / Server inventory
- I keep track of server serial numbers anyways, it would be nice to
keep a table of server details that are linked back to the serial
numbers. The serial number details might have more information on
specs, notes, location (see below), etc. You could see which customers
have had that serial number. It could show if it's currently assigned
to an active customer, terminated, decommissioned, or available. The
nice thing would be is if we had some older out-of-date servers it would
be a nice way to allow customers to see inventory and order them at a
discount. Once the order comes in it wouldn't be available and not show
up as orderable.
The accounting ramifications could be nice as well, I'm not an
accountant but I'm sure they'd like to see more details as far as when
it was ordered, PO #, cost, vendor. You could run a report showing
costs and revenues of equipment as well. When equipment is
decommissioned you know you made X amount back on the initial
investment, or how long equipment is lasting.
Who knows, maybe a batch of servers comes in with faulty hardware and
you see a pattern, you could see which customers are on servers from the
same PO # and email them about preventative maintenance.
Location Mapping
While it doesn't need to be complex on day 1, it'd be nice to also
group serial numbers by location. room : row : cabinet : U
Then you could drill down to the cabinet and see what is in it. To add
complexity you can see capacity (u) and other infrastructure (switches /
pdu). Keep in mind that the asset tracking knows sold/unsold so you
could pull up a row or cabinet and know what is available
rDNS/IP management
- Keep track of IP management, allow customers to set their own rDNS for IPs assigned to them. (PowerDNS)
Network Control
control / disable / label / switch VLAN on switch ports
- disabling a switch port for a server that is suspended / enable on un-suspension
- relabel / change VLAN on the switch port when assigning it to a server


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yes i have..,
You can is there anyone has idea with dedicated server
The good news is this project is set to planned. :)
I also would like to have this, I understand most WHMCS users will not require or use this, so there is nothing wrong if WHMCS makes this as an extra addon.

For those that commented to use that other software called HB for that, really? Most people moved to HB because WHMCS was lacking this features, so this actually hurts WHMCS. And I moved from they to WHMCS, even while that "other" software has all this features, they are buggy and the software is almost not usable. I think WHMCS should develop this as an addon for those that actually have physical servers, and colo, they can track assets, manage IPs, etc.

This is and was the biggest attach on WHMCS so far in many hosting companies, that it never evolved from basic shared hosting. Also why in the world would you have 2 billing softwares? One for servers, one for shared, that is ultra stupid. You should have one billing/login systems for all customers. There is nothing wrong to have this as an extra module/addon, so the users that don´t want it or need WHMCS will work as usual, but for those that actually looked into moving away from WHMCS because it lacks this features, it would make them stay with WHMCS and it would put WHMCS in another league.
linux1man wrote:+1
I need it too
I need it too
Dear Andre

The WHMCS add-on will be a combination of our Advanced and Premium products, the features will be developed as per the priorities gained from user votes. Because we have the human resources available, we're looking at cca. 2 months.

The price will in any case be better than on our web pages, because we have a lot of interest for the NocLayer add-on, we're prepared to offer a more competitive price.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


I've only taken a brief look, but that sounds pretty neat.

- What sort of timeline are you looking at to get it integrated in WHMCS?
- Would there also be functionality for the client end?
- What is the status on the features that are listed on your (coming soon) Premium package? (please be realistic - if you want to get those features right, it's a *lot* of work)
- Any idea what pricing of the Premium package will be like?

If you can't answer these questions publicly, just let me know. I'm just posting this here as I suppose others may be interested in the answers too.
Hello all,
we here at have been tinkering with the idea of implementing our rack management and monitoring system, including all of the features listed here, into the WHCMS platform as an Addon. We already have a good portion of the features and are after beta testers for the initial phase. This post is to gauge interest in this venture, please let us know what you think.

preview 1
preview 2

I'd definitely be interested in something as well and would be willing to help subsidize the cost, but I think it's key that the code be developed by WHMCS, or at least be supported by them in some way - I don't want to be in a position where WHMCS updates could potentially break functionality of the module.

The only thing that would be useful for us that I haven't seen listed here would be IPMI / DRAC / iLO integration, which would allow for us to provide access to IP KVM and reboots without giving users direct access. Some way for users to do a cold reset on the BMC would be good as well.
I'm looking as stumping up the cash to get a Colocation & Dedicated Server Manager module developed. As a colo & network provider I'm in as much need of it as everyone else.

I'd be interested to see what people would be up for paying for it as an addon if you could post what you think? I'm not looking to make a profit, just subsidize or cover the costs over time.

It looks like everyones requirements are very similar so i think it would meet most peoples needs.

If there are any other features not listed above let me know as well.
1: This Useresponse system sucks! There is no form persistance so I lost a very long well thought out reply. Use It takes like 5 seconds to implement. $500 for this POS use response and it have 5% of whmcs functionality and it sucks. Okay sorry.

2: WHMCS is named WHMCS because it started support with WHM/Cpanel only, check the about us page or wiki I believe if you dont believe me. It CAN BE and SHOULD BE used by others to HELP KEEP COSTS LOW... there is a fixed number of hosts but honeslty it could be used by many other SUBSCRIPTION or ECOMMERCE companies and their advancements are our gains(especially owned license investors like me:) )

3: Host Bill is a JOKE!!! Properly written object oriented code DOES NOT bloat. Especially properly written MODULE based MVC architecture based code. So there is no need to build and maintain 100's of modules. This drives UP the cost of development because you need to separately patch, support, bill and alert customers of those updates as well as maintain multiple feature requests threads sub divided by product. Trust me (see below). Host Bill ALSO and MORE IMPORTANTLY - Yes that is right, you can NOT even build a module yourself for hostbill. You are forced to wait on their production schedule / PAY THEIR HOURLY RATES! - So you people who are too blind to see the benefits(also below) of WHMCS over all of the competition need to stop commenting on this thread where people are trying to progress a good product to the point of AMAZING.

4: From the accounting standpoint. Stop modularizing WHMCS, it not only adds to the cost which eliminates any deferment gains(gains by making it an addon that shared hosts will not have to bear the costs of) because it would be raising the development costs as a whole to ALL production coding! Smaller hosts can select the monthly licensed option if they can not afford the upfront license. Spreading even $15,000 US(sorry I am American lol) over the number of customers WHMCS has would be more feasible especially when talking maintenance. Also think about it this way: Would you like to pay $500 for the addon or whatever just to sell/manage your first colo/dedicated? STOP PUTTING BARRIERS TO ENTRY FOR HOSTS TO SCALE!!! I think I would know. I have been a web develop for 10+ years. I have an extensive accounting background (Studying for my C.P.A. currently) and have analyzed pricing models for licensed software for many years. Also note: your Accountant would love you if you could produce Purchase Date, Purchase Amount(for hardware) separate them by line item on invoice, ASSET TYPE(networking hardware has different Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System(MACRS aka Tax Depreciation) than servers potentially, Vendor, AND USE --- whether it is internal or for client use it may make a difference in their tax planning strategy. I am working on becoming literate in consulting in that area myself.

5: WHMCS is great because it is SUPPORT included , Hostbill is like a per incident charge ( even if it is their fault). 2) You Can build modules as mentioned above you can not do that with Hostbill 3) You CAN lease the software monthly 4) If you chose to invest(like I did) and buy it upfront then the support and upgrades is really reasonable. If you do the math, present value of an annuity etc its a good deal(your break even point like 3 years or less versus renting PLUS you never have to worry about a missed CC payment closing your business) . 5) Community Addons - yes not just company based like HostBill (No addons deserved to points) 6) English as a first language based support . No offense to non native English speakers but you all will agree that each culture has their own little communication differences. I wish I could remember a specific example but I remember it mostly when trying to deal with developers/designers in India when it comes to cultural differences in BUSINESS LOGIC/promotion/marketing/wording etc. 7) We have a feature requests system... I dont have hostbill so not sure if they have one or not. 8) WHMCS has a great community of active supporters, addon developers, and end users who all appreciate its flexibility 9) MOST IMPORTANT ... cost... this product was a God send. It allowed me to dump hsphere/modernbill/pleskbilling/custom solutions/manual processing considerations in the trash.

Thank you for your time and reading..

P.S. Please vote on my suggestion for multiple tiers of product groups please! Figured since there is so many votes on this one I could use the following alert to capture some attention to request while concretely answering this one.
Would love this feature would like to see it be in progress.
Please, please, please make me leave Ubersmith.
The main reason I need a module like this included in WHMCS is the inventory; it would really help my business if I had the ability to "stock" or list all the servers I have in inventory regardless of location and automatically/manually assign them to clients as they are purchased.
Currently I have to copy/paste server details in the clients profile every time a server is purchased and deployed, that sometimes can become time consuming and tedious. I know at least a dozen people who have to deal with the same thing.

I can't wait for a solution to this.