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Cancel X days overdue invoices

  • Angelica Costa shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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Sometimes clients do not cancel their plans and their invoices are overdue, still there active messing our reports.

It would be nice if in the automation settings (cron) there would be an option to mark as cancelled invoices that are x day overdue.

E.g: Cancel invoices that are [u]100[/u] days old past their due date.


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@dexus, I fully agree with that.
This request is actually for auto cancellation of "proforma" invoices.
If you don't use your WHMCS in that way or don't want invoices to be cancelled, you should not enable this option, when/if implemented, since this should of course be optional.
Since negative some comments here do mention the same concern, I also have to agree that those are really valid comments, but that is something that WHMCS actually does not have implemented properly. There should be one more invoice "variant", and those are invoices that must be paid for some already provided services.

WHMCS currently have unpaid (proforma) invoice, and paid invoice, but does not have option to make unpaid invoice to something like "service provided / must be paid". That is the invoice type that really can not be cancelled as mentioned before, but most invoices for domain renewals or orders that were never paid can be safely cancelled, since those services were not provided, and clients should not be obligated to renew hosting account or domain registration.

So there should definitely be some additional options to fine tune this auto cancellation.
Yes, this for proforma invoices. It's impossible to use WHMCS legally in Europe without activating proforma invoicing.
If I read "cancel invoice" I´am getting scared as this behaviour is illegal at least in germany (and I believe in some other european countries also). You can´t simply delete /cancel an invoice. You need to issue a credit note once an invoice has been issued to neutralize that invoice. The golden rule is: Once an invoice is issued, you can´t change a single bit of it nor "delete" it. This does not apply to proforma invoicing of course (which may be the reason proforma invoicing is offered by WHMCS).

If an (VAT) invoice is overdue, bring it to collection :-)
This should be no more then 60 minutes work for WHMCS.
- Cancel orders that remain unpaid after x days
- Cancel overdue domain invoices after x days
+1 for this from my side as well
+1 for this.
But make this optional. Some companies don´t want this. A due invoice is a due invoice and legally they owe you money. Some people actually want to collect this from customers or have them reported as not paid. It depends on how you bill and what you offer, but I can see some people wanting to cancel invoices. Particular I don´t don´t want to promote users that there invoices are cancelled automatically after XX days, because one they found out, they are not going to pay you anything or feel they have too anymore as they know you are cancelling invoices after XX days.

I agree totally this is a must for domains going intro redemption period

@Rob, nothing to fix, how much time do you spend monitoring all your invoices to make sure ones that are domains at (now its 15 days past due) the redemption period get cancelled. thats a LOT of manual work most of us dont need hence the need for this addon which will do it automatically sand save time, which is of course what WHMCS is supposed to help us do... save time...
You have me support on this one.
I requested this years ago. They refuse to implement it, and want you to pay some third party $20 or so to get the module that does this.
I think it's the feature that I most hope in WHMCS.

Congratulations, Angelica!


Acho que é o recurso que eu mais espero no WHMCS.Parabéns, Angelica!
Our business practices and policies do not need this functionality, as it can be done manually. Would rather WHMCS spend its time on required functionality that there is currently no work-arounds or manual ways to do things.
@rnr ...
>What has happened several times

Part of your 'job' as a domain registration agent should be to cancel invoices for domains that go into redemption - why didn't you 'fix' your procedures the 1st time this happened ?
I would like to see this. In fact I would be for more than just hosting. Domain Names for an example.
What has happened several times an invoice is generated for domain name renewal. The client is set to pay manually, the domain name expires, and then slips into Redemption Delete Restorable period, usually 40 or so days after the domain expires. Now out of the blue comes the Client, woo Hoo! He pays his invoice and of course the domain does NOT renew, and you have to call up client tell him what happened and say you get your money back or pay the higher fee to get your domain name back.

Not a good experience for the client nor the admin. Bad all around.
So make give this tool the ability to make it Domain Name SPECIFIC as to when the invoice expires and canceled or deleted Admin choice.