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Cancel X days overdue invoices

  • Angelica Costa shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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Sometimes clients do not cancel their plans and their invoices are overdue, still there active messing our reports.

It would be nice if in the automation settings (cron) there would be an option to mark as cancelled invoices that are x day overdue.

E.g: Cancel invoices that are [u]100[/u] days old past their due date.


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While we wait, I've created a hook for this:
Great job Lee!
Good Job! Thank you!!
Thanks Lee!
Tnks, compatible with whmcs 8.6? :D
This very interesting feature please do add this to WHMCS.
What I did was build a hook to cancel all invoices that are overdue past 30days, automatically change them to Cancelled.
How about sharing it...
Why is this not a feature yet?
This needs to be a feature.
this request is 7 years old... very unlikely that this will be done.

I made a hook for that, which you can dl here:
Thank you!
This is a very good idea. And for sure needs to happen.
any update?
The easy fix would be when the CRON runs to Terminate a Service/Product to also just Terminate the Invoice.
Now, if there happens to be an invoice not tied to a Service/Product, then allow the Admin to decide when those type invoices are canceled.
i like the idea its logical
I would like to see this as well. Currently this leaves "orphaned" invoices.
It's really annoying to remove manually all unpaid invoices.
I can tell...
Support this all the way. How is this not a default feature?
SELECT id FROM tblinvoices WHERE duedate <= ' ... ' AND status = 'Unpaid'
UPDATE tblinvoices SET status = 'Cancelled' WHERE id = ' ... '

To cron. Thats all :D
this would be very useful! please add this feature.
Think I need to add something for better understanding what we mean with this issue.

There is a HUGE difference between proforma invoice and "normal" (means: VAT) Invoice. In fact a proforma invoice is NOT an invoice at all. It is just a hint that client needs to pay upfront and how much and since when. These invoices can be "cancelled", "deleted" or "painted in red color". It does not matter. After payment, the real invoice will be issued and NOW, there should be an option to disable the "cancel invoice" and "delete invoice" buttons, because these invoice should never ever been touched again or deleted to stay legal. If we want to cancel the invoice NOW partially or in full (for whatever reason) , we have to issue a credit note manually (WHMCS does not provide issuing credit notes) as it is also prohibited by law to issue just another invoice with pure negative balance. Specially for Germany, the credit note must be named exactly as credit note and not "invoice"! (in german: "Gutschrift").