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Apple Pay button style

  • Giancarlo Vargas shared this idea 1 month ago
  • Payments/Billing

Configure the styling for the Apple Pay button provided by Stripe.


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Hi, John.

Thanks for your reply.

By default the button is always dark and doesn't look well if you have a dark background. I tried to change the theme with CSS without success.

There any other option?
Hi Giancarlo,
Thanks for submitting this suggestion. There are limited options to change the style of the Apple Pay buttons provided by Stripe:

Text: One of 'default', 'book', 'buy', or 'donate'
Theme: One of 'dark', 'light', or 'light-outline'
Height: Defaults to '40px'. The width is always '100%'.

I'd like to learn more about the problem you're currently experiencing, so we can be clear that any change these attributes will help resolve it, without impacting other users who are happy with the default button appearance.