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Anytime Prorata Billing

  • Ultra Web Solutions shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing

Here is the Idea that i am requesting to WHMCS Staff to implement and other members to share their thoughts:

all knows the current Prorata System of WHMCS but my idea is any date
prorata billing, like currently we need to set a data from which prorata
billing is calculated including next month and current left days but
some times the customer orders on the prorata date and it claculates for
1 month payment.

What i reuest is that:
If a customer orders
on any date after 1st and last date of every month it consider the order
a prorata if prorata billing is set for the product no need to give any
date from which prorata billing will be considers so
  1. if a customer ordered on 3rd of any month it calculate the billing from 3-30 along with next month
  2. if a customer ordered on 10th then it calculate the billing from 10-30 along with next month
  3. if a customer ordered on 14th then it calculate the billing from 15-30 along with next month
  4. if a customer ordered on 19th then it calculate the billing from 19-30 along with next month
  5. if a customer ordered on 26th then it calculate the billing from 26-30 along with next month
Hope i make it clear.



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just disable Signup Anniversary Prorata in general settings and setup your prorata settings in your product settings ! ... ;D

Anniversary Prorata dates bills yearly basis i am talking monthly based please read my request that i am given with example what i am requesting.


That would be the anniversary prorata date
Dear Andrew,

I am talking about Prorata Date i.e Enter the day of the month you want to charge on, i am talking about it.


This is already possible with the existing functionality. Set the Prorata Date and Charge Next Month fields to 1. This will then ensure that your orders always have the next month included.