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Ability to add more billing cycles than 3 years

  • james bond shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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This is a very important feature to allow us to add more than 3 years billing cycle in my point of view. When we sell a product like SSL, these can be sell for more than 3 year with more discount. At least up-to 7 years billing cycle is needed.

What you guys think of this feature, please do vote if you agree with me.
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    Add new price for product/services
    Sometime, Customer want to by hosting in 4 years, 5 years or 10 years. But whmcs has only 1 year, 2 years, 3 years.Developer can custom prodcut/services and add new price to product.


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I am waiting for that feature, too.
When selling SSL products you can use another method of specifying as many years as you want using "one-time only" and "Configurable Options" method but this lacks the renewal reminders and doesn't do re-invoicing as a recurring product. This is an SSL Product issue and should be solved separately. Is there a SSL Product Reminder thread?

I do agree with the author and I think that we should have the ability to set the maximum # of years that our products can be offered at and accordingly supply the pricing input, or at least add up to 5 years in total.
Like this, at least up-to 5 years billing cycle (Quinquennially) is needed.
JLHC wrote:IMHO you do not need to spam to get your message across.
Ok, I understand, that was my fault. :)
IMHO you do not need to spam to get your message across.