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WHMCS Connect - open server in new tab/all server types

EntirelyDigital shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

Modify/replace WHMCS Connect such that it behaves more like System Settings > Servers page

On this page if you use the "Login to WHM" button - it opens a new tab into WHM of that server

(which by the way works consistently with all browsers, whereas WHMCS Connect utility only works in certain browsers)

Then, why limit to WHM - the "System Settings > Servers" page also allows you to connect to other types of servers.

By creating a page/utility that has a "connect only" function to all server types and opens servers in a new tab/window, it allows the user to click and connect to multiple servers easily and work on multiple servers simultaneously without having to manually open multiple WHMCS connect tabs.

Less clicks = faster response and more efficient support.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have investigated the possibility of expanding WHMCS Connect to other panels, but unfortunately they are not currently suitable for inclusion within a page frame (and some actively block it).

Potentially the range of panels could be increased in future if WHMCS users can can demonstrate demand to the control panel vendors that it would be beneficial for them to change their code to allow this?


Thanks for your reply - I hope you fix WHMCS Connect so that it works in all browsers without having to make modifications.

Why would you need to restrict it to a page frame? The System Settings > Servers page just opens a new tab or window which allows you to work on multiple servers at once. Every time you click on a new server in WHMCS Connect it then replaces the server your'e working on with a new one which is not ideal.

If the mechanism for connection already exists on System Settings > Servers - then why can't it's structure be used in a WHMCS Connect style page without all the configuration options?

In my opinion having everything working in frames is not the preferred design.