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We need a new payment module for the new Google digital Merchants wallet affective Nov. 20 of this year

Janina Kacprzynski shared this idea 5 years ago
Currently Declined

The new google wallet for us will be automatically affective on Nov. 20, 2013. The API is totally different then the check out so this will need to be worked on.

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Google Wallet only allows offering for digital goods. They currently classify Web Hosting as a physical good, thus using Google Wallet for the sale of Web Hosting would be against their terms of service.

For this reason, we have not began working on Google Wallet.

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@WHMCS_Chris - You are forgetting people use WHMCS for much more than just web hosting. I guess we will write one ourselves. Stay tuned.


Since Chris doesn't want to reply to this request anymore I've made a new request. See this link to like it:



Wake up Chris! Google wallet for business is for everything sold on the internet: