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Update WHMCS Mobile Apps, add Notifications

Uche shared this idea 5 years ago

It's high time the aWHMCS and iWHMCS were updated to provide a decent return on their overpriced investments.

Apart from the UI and out-of-date feature-set the mobile apps desperately need some sort of notification system.

Many WHMCS clients run one-person hosting operations and thus can't always be at their laptop/desktop in the office and we need the mobile apps to notify us of important changes to our business so we can respond promptly. Changes such as:

  • New support ticket raised / answered
  • New orders, cancellations, suspensions, terminations,
  • Changes to user accounts / security issues / etc
  • much more...

I know we can set WHMCS to send an email when a new support ticket has been raised, and I know the daily cron email sends some of this information, but having our mobile apps do all this with more detail would be incredibly useful.

Best Answer

Version 2.x updates for iWHMCS and aWHMCS have been released:



Votes for push notifications can be directed to https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/push-notification-for-awhmcs-and-iwhmcs-app

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Well I was debating on getting the android addon for my license until I saw it's a subscription fee rather than a one time fee like it used to be. On top of that, it still doesn't have notifications.

No thanks WHMCS, plenty of other solutions than you shoveling out money from me for something I'd barely use. Even if notifications were added, I wouldn't pay a recurring fee for this.


Need to improve lot in mobile app. Still it's not an stable version


I would just like to "bump" this post as its been over a year and a half on any aWHMCS update. While the app works for some basic functions I am noticing more callback errors and general issues and need features. Can we some sort of push for these. I am a little disappointed that WHMCS seems to be releasing minor updates every couple of months now but still no movement on the apps.