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Unsuspend suspended service after payment

Pavel Odintsov shared this idea 7 years ago
Already Possible

When an invoice is paid after the related service became "suspended" because of overdue payment - this service won't become unsuspended automatically. Company's staff has to unsuspend such servers manually.

Please fix this issue.

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whmcs has an unsuspend on payment option in the automation settings.


I have the checkbox for "unsuspend on payment option" checked, however it does nothing because the site was manually suspended. I think WHMCS does not automatically unsuspend accounts unless it was also automatically suspended. I suppose there is no solution for this, although my previous billing software (AWBS) did this just fine. i.e. even if I manually suspended a site for non-payment... as soon as the account no longer had any past due bills, it would immediately unsuspend any suspended accounts.

- Scott



Automatically suspended accounts due to delinquant payment will automatically be unsuspended upon payment, provided the Setup > Autoamtion Settings > Enable Unsuspension option is ticked.

If manually suspending a service, be sure to leave the suspension reason blank to have it automatically unsuspended upon payment. A custom suspension reason will override the unsuspension, this way an account which has been suspended manually for other reasons (eg. ToS violation) cannot re-activate their account just by paying an invoice.

Related documentation: http://docs.whmcs.com/Products_Management#Running_Module_Commands