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U.S EIN Validation For Registration Form

Jazia shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

In the WHMCS registration form, it is weird that something as important as this didn't have any logic to check whether the format is European VAT or the United States EIN.

Could this be added?

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Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion.

The EU provides a publicly accessible and free service with a SOAP API which WHMCS can perform queries against in real-time: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/

The nearest equivalent I was able to to find in the US was a Taxpayer Identification Number Service which (after completing a registration) allows TINs to be validated via a web-form on the IRS website, or uploaded via a text file: https://www.irs.gov/government-entities/federal-state-local-governments/taxpayer-identification-matching-tin-tools

Is there an an API that accepts automated submissions, ideally without requiring registration, that could be used?