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Ticket Creation on behalf of client: specify contact of client that should get ticket updates

Samuel Sirois shared this idea 5 years ago
Already Possible

When opening a ticket for a client, we would like to specify which contact of a client should get ticket updates.

Ticket updates are always sent to the main contact of the client.

Of course, when a contact creates the ticket, ticket updates are sent to the actual contact (which is not necessarily the main contact of the client). So we would like that same behaviour when creating a ticket for the client.

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When you open a ticket on behalf of the customer - you can already specify the relevant contact - Please see the attached screenshot.

But sadly choosing a contact will only add him to the recipient of the ticket update - so he will get the tickets update along side the main contact of the client.

the same behavior is happening when you create a ticket on behalf of a client and when the contact opens a ticket by himself - the main contact always get all the spam...

This is something really problematic - you can see all the explanation here: