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Tax-Vat numbers need to be an integral part of WHMCS, including contacts

Jorge shared this idea 8 years ago

We are having huge problems because WHMCS doesn't include a field for the VAT/Tax ID. This is mandatory in all the Euro zone.

The workaround is to use a custom field, but this has a lot of drawbacks.

-WHMCS contacts can't have custom fields. Invoices using WHMCS contacts are wrong. Wrong=illegal.

-Domain contacts don't have it either (it's required for .es domains, for instance).

-A lot of manual intervention is necessary for it to appear in invoices, etc.

-Custom fields can't be locked, so customers can change this field and ruin the invoices.I think this needs to be considered an integral part of WHMCS user profiles, including a migration script for everyone that has been using a custom contact. Whenever a contact appears in WHMCS, be it a customer, a "contact", or a domain contact, we need to have this field.It's even more important than the phone number.This should be a real field, just like "Address 2" is (which is a hardly used field, IMO, but featured all accross WHMCS).The VAT# field should appear everywhere:-Client Profile Summary page, under "Clients information"-WHMCS Contacts-Whois contacts, when necessary (.es, I think .eu as well)-Invoices-Reports-Search-Field options (so we can make it required, not-modifiable, etc.)It's a very real need for any business in the Euro zone.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions and votes on this idea.

I'm pleased to advise that in the upcoming 7.7 release we will be integrating the features of the EU VAT Addon into the core WHMCS software. This includes a dedicated Tax ID field.

We will also be using this opportunity to include the tax field for contacts. This means that if a billing contact is selected, the tax ID of that contact will be displayed on invoices.

Finally, there will be a one-time migration process to move data stored in custom fields over to the new native Tax ID field.

Keep an eye on https://blog.whmcs.com for the announcement when the beta is available. Everyone's help in testing will be needed.


Wow! Finally!!! Thank you! This is a great opportunity to iron the many quirks of WHMCS invoicing system that have been making things difficult for EU-compliant invoicing. It would be fantastic if you could take a few steps further and make everything integrated and compliant: Tax ID fields, sequential invoices that can't be modified, invoice dates set on the payment date, no "zero amount" invoices, revised credit system, separate invoice series for refunds, VAT MOSS report, a better and more complete "sales tax liabiity" report that includes VAT number and Company Name, etc.

There are a lot of requests in the system that should be rolled into this. Fingers crossed!


Hi Jorge,

Thanks for your continued contributions to the discussion. Let's please keep this request on topic regarding the details of the tax ID field for contacts. A discussion of adding additional invoicing features is best assessed on its own merits in their individualfeature requests:

A VAT MOSS report is available as standard.

A "Set Invoice Date on Payment" option is already available in the EU VAT Addon, so will be maintained in this change.


Hi all,

Version 7.7 has now reached public beta, which includes this feature: https://preview.whmcs.com

The documentation for these new options has been published at https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax_Configuration

Please join us during the pre-release testing period and provide your feedback in our dedicated beta community board: https://whmcs.community/forum/462-v77-beta-discussion/