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Email Verification for Sub-Accounts and Contacts

Kadir Kurt shared this idea 3 weeks ago
Under Consideration

Hello Guys,

I would like to draw your attention to an important issue.

New members can be verified by mail. It's safe.

However, a verified member / customer can add a sub-user under their account.

It is not known whether there is actually a person or mail because it doesn't go to the added sub-user account verification mail?

Or is it known that the actual owner of the sub-user added is unknown.

That's insecure. When the legal inquiry is made, it can be a problem for the company.

My opinion. The confirmation email is also sent when the downstream user is created. (Much safer)

I'd like this to be done in order not to bother the courts.

Say what?

Please vote my opinion!

Thnks / Regards,


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its better