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Show prices including and excluding tax

Boris Hinzer shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

It would be great, if WHMCS had an option to show prices in the backend with/without taxes - maybe also as input fields.

If you change the price in either one of them, the other price could change then, according to the tax rules.

Also it would be great to have the excluding/including prices being configurable based on product- or client groups.

As we deliver services for b2b (normally no taxes shown next to price tags, or only small added in the cart) and b2c (price tags include taxes, but are shown small next to price and shown in cart), this is really important for us.

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Hi Boris,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Precisely which field would you like to see this implemented for? I would imagine this could be done for products/services assigned to a client so they could be evaluabted against the tax rules and the appropriate amount applied/deducted.