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Show company name in Google Authenticator for iOS

Swehoster shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We have many clients using the 2 factor with the Goole Authenticator app in their phones.

Many of them use this app with multiple services.

The problem is that for the account with us/WHMCS portal is that there is no name/title above the code.

It's hard to know what code to use.

I think this is should be visible in the app to make it easier for our clients to use this.

Can you please implement this.

I've attached a screen with an example.

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To see for your self please test this on https://rootprojects.org/authenticator/

You can set your own company "Issuer", user "Account" and "Key".

When you then scan the code in Google Authenticator you get all data as it should be.