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Recaptcha for admin area

Pourya Mehdinejad shared this idea 3 months ago
Under Consideration

Even with changing the admin area URL still we're getting hundred of daily brute force attacks and even with WHMCS builtin auto ban feature, it would be good to integrate Google recaptcha for admin area so we can get rid of these brute-force attacks for good.

Please support us till get this feature in the new updates.

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Hi there,

I understand that brute force attempts and DDoS attacks are an troublesome reality of doing business online. We've had some success in using services like Cloudflare to combat such situations. What has been your experieince?


Depending on your business model, if you staff have a static ip address at their work area, you could limit the access to the admin area to the IP's used by your staff

if they dont have a static IP, create a VPN server on a VPS, and allow that IP. Your staff will connect through that VPN. in addition of securing your admin area, you will prevent man in the middle attacks on your staff devices