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Option to edit tickets already submitted

Paulo Henrique shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

Option to edit tickets already submitted.

As it would work, the tickets already sent would have the option of being edited, if any information is missing, or even has spelling errors.

However this option would have some rules, it can only edit if the response time does not exceed X time. That is, if the message is longer than 5 minutes, he can no longer edit the message.

This time to edit the message could be configured in the WHMCS Admin Area, Tickets option.

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Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Admins can edit support ticket messages already. Is this request targeted at allowing clients to edit their ticket messages?


That way, customers would be able to edit their tickets.

Or even, tickets that are sent in a certain period of time come together.

Example, I send a ticket, if in less than 15 minutes I send another message on the same ticket, the message is together with the ticket's first message.