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AddServer API Command

Denic Vapor shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I can see only GetServers API but we need CreateServer API or AddServer API, AddServerGroup API

Is i am wrong and this is this posible today trought module API or etc ?

Can some one tell me how to do this with Databbase API commands?

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Hi Denic,

Thanks for our suggestion.

I'd be interested to hear more about your use-case which would require the adding of servers so frequently from an external sourc to warrant automation in this way?

Typically I would expect adding a new server to WHMCS to be an occasional task.


we've got a queue of adding and removing resellers servers every day, partners servers and collocation. Many hand work causes errors everywhere. This can be done with 1 bash script from clients server, 1 API call.

At this moment we use 5 sql script's for this, not perfect at all. Fight against resell, if server overloaded, warn admin and = auto change "Maximum No. of Accounts" or "Enabled" status.

Servers tab: "Assigned IP Addresses" manualy? For real? "Monthly Cost" manualy ? Hard work for us to do all this manualy and lot of errors came up.


add server to group and remove server to group ~20 times per day