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Monthly invoicing for cPanel subaccounts

Jihad Abou-Saleh shared this idea 3 months ago

Resellers should be billed monthly for their cPanel subaccounts and not wait until the next billing cycle, especially for yearly subscribers. Not considering this point in the usage metrics feature will lead to a money loosing for the hosting provider companies if the reseller decide not to renew because cPanel charge us monthly, and We as example have most of our reseller subscribers pay yearly.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

There are two options that WHMCS facilitates:

1. With your cost being incurred on a monthly basis on a potentially variable basis, using the same billing cycle for customers would be the best option to avoid this potential for disparity.

You can create a separate product for a cPanel License product with just a monthly billing cycle (select the AutoRelease module) and assign the cPanel license tier configurable options to it.

In this way the customer can purchase the cPanel License product on a monthly basis, and continue being billed long longer cycles for the main product.

2. Switch off the Auto-Scale option, so that you and customers have a predictable regular price. Clients can place upgrade/downgrade order for the license tier via the client area, and this will be propagated to the cPanel license.