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Maxmind Module: do not mark the order Fraud due to CITY_NOT_FOUND warning code

Maksym Mukhin shared this idea 5 years ago

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As of 5.3.10, Maxmind module appears to set most of the orders Fraud when the only thing wrong is the "CITY_NOT_FOUND" warning code (not the ERROR code!): http://dev.maxmind.com/minfraud/. The most frustrating thing about it is that the risk score can be minimal and so the order is 99% legitimate.

WHMCS consider this to be a feature rather than a bug, while it's absolutely unacceptable for our business.

First of all, lots of city names in Cyrillic languages (Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian) are not recognized by Maxmind database. Second of all, a user can always make a mistake or a typo. CITY_NOT_FOUND warning code will automatically mark the order Fraud, regardless of the fraud score, which is ridiculous.

My feature request is to add a checkbox under Maxmind module settings, where we can disable fraud filtering for CITY_NOT_FOUND and other warning codes.

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EDITED: Never mind. There is an option already exists in the MaxMind settings to turn off city check. Thanks.


It's a bug! MaxMind should read cities from open data rather than own dictionary. There are many city names doesn't match with this dic.


Hi all,

A "Do Not Validate Address Information" option is available in the Maxmind configuration which can be used to proceed with the fraud score even if the client's city is not recognised in Maxmind's database.