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Mailchimp join list option no not working on whmcs clientarea edit account details

Rahul K G shared this idea 5 months ago

We found that the clients cant unsubscribe mailchimp list by going to edit account details in whmcs client area . After clicking the no option they didn't get removed from mailchimp list, when enquired whmcs support about this they told this is because mailchimp didn't give them the api for this purpose and after contact with mailchimp they said " you can unsubscribe someone via our API. You can do so by using the endpoint: https://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/reference/lists/members/#edit-put_lists_list_id_members_subscriber_hashYou will need to change the status parameter to unsubscribed and from there you should be all set.

Once this is complete, WHMCS can update their integration" I told this to whmcs support . They adviced me to add as new topic here.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. Per your conversation with our support team, Mailchimp does support ad-hoc opt-in/out via their Lists API. At present the WHMCS implemnentation uses the E-Commerce API, which does not have this feature.

As such we are investigating the possibility of providing a seamless way to add this ability without requring any further configuration.