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Income Forecast , include add-ons

Ken Taylor shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like the same income forecast reporting to be present In Reports > Income Forecast as there is when you go to view the Admin Home Module: income forecast.

Problem: Go to Reports > Income Forecast The monthly totals do NOT include add-ons (confirmed by support)

Solution: It IS available in the Admin Home Module "income forecast". It seems with the functionality already there in the module, it would be an easy addition to the report.

Voting on this, would ask WHMCS to also include add-ons into the Income Forecast found in Reports. (or a fancy alternative would be to run the report and have the option to either include or not include add-ons!)

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I'd like this. I have some management addons for products that I include in server revenue, but now I need to manually include those in my calculations.