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Hide cancelled products/services

Paul Nesbitt shared this idea 6 years ago


Our customers and ourselves in our WHMCS client area have many cancelled products.

These really get in the way when looking for what you want, yes there is a search but not the best solution for this but great just for searching.

A tick box to hide cancelled products/services would remedy this (with the choice being remembered in whmcs for next time they login)

This will help some customers see the wood for the trees and if they like not being able to see the wood for the trees they can untick.

Makes good sense to me hope you see that too!



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I don't know why client have to see his cancelled services.


Please could WHMCS look at this - it's simple/quick, and is a big headache for us, we regular have to delete services from a customers account as they're clogging up their services/domains list. Simply hiding them with a checkbox to show them, just in javascript would be fine and relatively quick. Cancelled / Terminated / Expired ideally.


This is needed!



Thanks for taking the time to provide your comments and votes.

In version 5.3 we added the "Status Filter" option to the admin area, which can be used to hide services, domains and addons in particular statuses. This is persistent so you only need to set it once.

Our blog post at the time describes this feature in detail: http://blog.whmcs.com/?t=86174

Products can also be marked as "Retired" which will hide them from the Products/Services dropdown menus, so they don't get in your way.

Then in version 6.0 we introduced the ability for customers to more easily filter domains and services lists, so with one click of the "View" filter they can view only the active services or domains.


That only works on the summary tab. We need something to filter products, services, and domains on the respective tabs.