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GDPR Compliance (Legally required by 2018)

prolateral shared this idea 2 years ago

We use the Email Marketer tool to send out two types of

emails based on the service you buy.

  • Upsell email marketing
  • 3 emails over a 7 day period to help you use the service


With GDPR coming in May the client will HAVE to opt-in to

receive these types of emails.

We can create two custom fields and

use them in a similar way to the Mass tool (https://docs.whmcs.com/Mass_Mail)

The custom fields would be presented on the order from for

the client to “opt-in”

However the Email Marketer there is no filter on custom


In addition, to support the GDPR guidelines on automated/scheduled email

marketing automated unsubscribe is required.


  • Please add custom fields criteria to the criteria selection/filter for Product mails. So the

    emails will only go out if the client opted in (i.e. has a custom field set to a specific value)

  • Please add an email template 'unsubscribe' placeholder so that a link can be included that would update that custom field, or at least take the recipient to a form to allow them to selectively unsubscribe. (easy unsubscription links are required by GDPR and CANSPAM)

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GDPR - Ask user consent for all Agreements (ToS, AUP, PP)

Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and Acceptable Use Policy may change over the time. It would be great if WHMCS had an option to inform customers of changes in those policy documents and requests their consent/approval when they login into their Client Area.

Also, at this moment WHMCS only has a select box for ToS. It should also have an option to add custom agreements checkbox, like Privacy Policies, AUP, SLA, Domain Agreement, etc.

An option for customers to digitally sign those agreements would also be great. This information (digitally signed document, date, IP, policy version) would be saved on WHMCS for us to comply with GDPR and have proof of consent given by the customer.


Hi all,

Version 7.5 introduces a number of features to assist your business in meeting its obligations under the GDPR. These include:

Please join us in the beta testing process and provide your feedback to our beta discussion forum.


Hi all,

The latest blog post in our GDPR series has been posted at https://blog.whmcs.com/133437/how-whmcs-is-helping-you-with-gdpr-compliance